Sunshine of Jeju Island

The sight of an overly excited young man, slightly ridiculing himself by wearing his motorcycle helmet to the beach. A spaceman — alien to the island of Jeju (제주도).

The arrival of spaceman — me, at a beach in Jeju.

Spaceman on Jeju.

I was so excited, to see those vivid colours of the lush landscapes, clear waters and faraway islands.

Yet also somewhat terrified, to be riding a motorcycle for the first time — the high speeds at which it drives and takes corners, and the harsh breeze in your face.

Motorcycle around Jeju

Motorcycle around Jeju

Scenes of Jeju captured whilst on a motorcycle ride.

I’m absolutely thankful to the driver — highly experienced and skilled — for driving us around the island for the whole weekend, and letting me fall in love with the freedom a motorcycle provides.

Panoramic shores.

The sea coloured in shades of turquoise to the deepest blues, and topped with clouds that resembled painted watercolours.

Swimming was liberating. Wave after wave, we swim deeper, crashing into the clear water.

Hyeopjae beach.

On the western coast of Jeju, at the edge of the province of Hallim-eup, there is Hyeopjae beach (협재해변) – famous for its warm and clear waters, and soft, bright sands. More information in English and Korean. It connects to Geumneung beach (금능해수욕장) to the south – slightly less known, but still beautiful.

Hyeopjae beach definitely lives up to its fame: a white sandy beach holding up clear blue waters – with black basalt rocks at its shore, sheltering several kinds of fishes and clams. Its shallow waters offer opportunities to get your toes wet, before feeling the waves in deeper waters further ahead.

Further in the distance, the small island of Biyang floats on the cobalt blue sea – Biyangdo (비양도) literally means “flying island” (hanja: 飛揚島). A small volcanic island, whose green hills guard the beach just 1.5 km away, is said to be the result of an eruption sometime during the Goryeo Dynasty (918–1392).

Image of Hyeopjae beach, with clouds that look like painted with watercolours. Another view of Hyeopjae beach.

Cooling down as the sun sets.

The last rays of sunshine for today – it ends.

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