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Counting in Korean with Quantifiers

—An explanation of the concept of quantifiers or measure words in Korean, and how they are used for counting.

Numbers in Korean

—A summary of native Korean and Sino-Korean numbers, and their differences.

Using a Hugo shortcode to peek into a Page

—A Hugo shortcode conveniently allows for use of custom templating within content files without rumpling their neatness while writing. In order to create pleasing inline previews of referenced pages, I wrote a Hugo shortcode that offers readers a peek into that page. I’ve found that this eases referring to older content and hence encourages to revisit previous posts while writing.

Numbers and Counting in Korean

—An interesting feature of a language is how it grammatically handles numbers and multiples of objects. These grammar points, when I came across them for the first time when studying Korean, were confusing to me. Korean has two sets of numbers that coexist simultaneously. Moreover, counting objects in Moreover, counting things in Korean requires you to use a quantifier – a measure word signifies what category the object belongs to.


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